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Project icon vika

Visual Interpreter of Kooky Analysis. Also means 'bug' in Finnish.

Licence Apache 2 Build Sonarcloud Status SonarCloud Coverage SonarCloud Bugs SonarCloud Vulnerabilities

What it is

Right now it's just a tiny tool which parse analysis reports and send messages to the build server, or in console if it's not executed on a build server.



You can use it like this: NVika parsereport "inspectcodereport.xml"

It is possible to process several reports at the same time: NVika parsereport report1.xml report2.xml

additional params:

  • --debug: active the debug category on logger, useful for debugging
  • --includesource: include the report source name in messages
  • --treatwarningsaserrors: treat all warnings as errors

exit codes:

  • 0: OK
  • 1: unknown error
  • 2: report not found
  • 3: exception during report loading
  • 4: no parser found for the current report
  • 5: issue(s) with error severity was found

Analysis tools


  • InspectCode: example of usage inspectcode /o="inspectcodereport.xml" "Vika.sln"
  • Analyzers producing SARIF format, like Roslyn analyzers: for those you need to add an ErrorLog node in your csproj containing the path of the report followed by ;version=2 in order to produce a SARIF 2.1 version report, or an /errorlog:<reportPath>;version=2 switch for csc; See NVika.csproj
  • FxCop: example of usage fxcopcmd /file:NVika.dll /out:FxCopResults.xml. Or activate Code Analysis in the corresponding tab of your project properties in Visual Studio.
  • Mono.Gendarme: example of usafe gendarme --xml GendarmeReport.xml "\GendarmeTest.exe"

To come

Build servers


To come

I am really wondering if there is any value to supporting these three, because there doesn't support to add build message like AppVeyor but only log message. And they support custom HTML report, so an xslt transformation is enough.

What it will be

A website will be added for displaying a nice and shiny aggregated report from all source to a dedicated page for each GitHub project.

There also will be a solution to upload a temporary report stored for a week.

And the client may push reports through the website public API.


All contributions are welcome, please read our contributing guide.


Icon: Report designed by Nataliia Lytvyn from The Noun Project.