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Pamplemousse commented Nov 7, 2019

#1750 shows a way to debloat an object by extracting its encoding / decoding logic into a serializer class.
In this case, the knowledge_plugins.functions.Function moved its serialize and parse_from_cmg methods.

There are several places along the angr codebase where this pattern could be applied:

  • angr/knowledge_plugins/cfg/
  • `angr/knowledge_plugins/cfg/cfg
Breakthrough commented Sep 4, 2021

Description of Problem & Solution
Right now using templates in bash requires escaping the dollar signs. Investigate using a style similar to Python instead to help with this, e.g.:

scenedetect [...] split-video -f {VIDEO_NAME}-Scene-{SCENE_NUMBER}.mp4

Proposed Implementation:
Allow both dollar signed template $VARIABLES as well as braced {VARIABLES} to mean the same thing.

gamesh411 commented May 27, 2020

The CodeChecker cmd subcommand communicates with the server via Thrift, and on a Jenkins docker image, I have tried to use it to get run information from a local CodeChecker server. The output of the CodeChecker cmd runs command was just the help message. I have found out that using a proxy is not supported right now, and the issue was solved by disabling proxy via unsetting the environmental

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