A tiny PHP "library" to convert Wiki MarkUp language to HTML
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Wiky.php is a tiny PHP "library" to convert Wiki Markup language to HTML. It's basically an attempt to recreate wiky.js with regular expressions, wrapped in a tiny PHP code.

Code usage under any of these licenses:

Supported Syntax

  • == Heading ==
  • === Subheading ===
  • ==== Subsubheading ====
  • ''''' Bold-italic '''''
  • ''' Bold '''
  • '' Italic ''
  • ---- Horizontal Line
  • : Indentation
  • :: Subindentation
    • Unordered list (up to four levels "**** text")
  • Ordered list (up to four levels "#### text")

  • [[file:http://example.com/image.jpg title]] an image ([[file|img:http|https|ftp://example.com/image.jpg optional]])
  • [http://example.com An Example Link] a link ([http|https|ftp://example.com optional])

Known issues / limitations

  • Unordered and ordered lists can not be mixed (any help and/or ideas would be great)
  • Parsing of new lines should be smarter. It should join paragraphs (detected by two consecutive newlines) and avoid listings, headers and indentations
  • It's not designed to handle user errors. If your user fails with syntax, the end result will reflect that.
  • Has only been tested to work with PHP 5.3.6 and later versions. Some older versions might have problems with some markup.

Howto use

// Include the library (obviously)

// Create a new wiky to any variable You'd like. Could be $mooming
// If you pass true to __construct (new wiky(true)), "S" PCRE modifier will be added to all regular expressions. This gives a performance boost when running parse thousands of times. Extreme usage only.
$wiky=new wiky;

// Call for the function parse() on the variable You created and pass some unparsed text to it, it will return parsed HTML or false if the content was empty. In this example we are loading the file input.wiki, escaping all html characters with htmlspecialchars, running parse and echoing the output
echo $wiky->parse($input);


Toni Lähdekorpi toni@lygon.net