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wget, partially re-implemented in go
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wget, partially re-implemented in go.

Implemented so far

  • Standard http & https requests
  • Progress bar and speed reporting. tested on Linux & Windows
  • --output-document
  • --continue
  • SSL: --no-check-certificate & --secure-protocol
  • --default-page=index.html

To do

  • --http-user , --http-password --auth-no-challenge
  • --proxy-user, --proxy-password
  • --header, --save-headers, --referer, --user-agent, --post-data, --content-disposition
  • --certificate,--ca-certificate,...

Not planned

  • ftp protocol
  • --recursive (for archiving websites) and --warc- options

Planned non-standard features

  • parallelize multiple requests
  • Hopefully: parallelize a large request using 'Range' header, much like --continue
  • 'known hosts' support for SSL
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