Adding Content Parsers

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By default, Punch parses content written in Markdown. You can extend this behaviour to support other formats, by writing custom parsers.

Here's how a parser should be implemented:

module.exports = {
	supportedExtensions: [".markdown", ".md"],

	parse: function(input, callback) {
		var self = this;
		var output, err;

		// do the parsing

		return callback(err, output);

	setup: function(config) {
		// Use configuration options.
		// By convention, parser releated configurations
		// must be set in config.parser (eg. config.parser.markdown)


Parser should define a parse function, that takes in an input and a callback. After parsing, the callback should be invoked with the output (or an error).

How to add a custom parser

To use a custom parser in a project, you have to define it as a plugin in project's configuration (config.json).

	"plugins": {
		"parsers": {
			".format": "custom_parser" 

The key should be the extension of the files your parser is capable of parsing. Parser should be specified as a valid Node.js module path.