Installing on Windows

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There are some small obstacles in the way of running punch on windows, here is some basic instructions on how to get it working.

Instructions, local install

  1. Install GIT for windows. If you select the option Run Git and included Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt you will be able to run punch from cmd, but it may not be worth the mess. Any of the options will do for this guide.
  2. Install node.js (if you do not already have it)
  3. Open up a git bash-window and navigate to your project folder and run:
    npm install punch
  4. Then you should be able to run punch through:
    node node_modules\punch\bin\punch

Instructions, global install

Should be mostly the same as local, but using the -g switch with npm. I will write better instructions here after some testing.


npm and git://

Problem: npm does not handle git:// urls from cmd.exe
Solution: Install in bash, works with git-bash

the cp command

Problem: Copying of files are hard-coded in the source to use cp which is a *NIX-command, and further using copy instead of cp (through adding a cp.cmd that redirects to copy or editing the source) will not work either as the paths are hard-coded with forward-slashes which copy does not handle well.
Solution: Using mingw32-cp, like the one installed with msys-git