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Docker image and templates for running LambCI builds on ECS
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LambCI ECS cluster and Docker image

More documentation should be coming soon, but to get up and running quickly, launch the cluster.template file in CloudFormation and give your stack a name like lambci-ecs

(You should have already created a LambCI stack as documented at

This will create an auto-scaling group and an ECS cluster and task definition, which you can find in the AWS console from Services > EC2 Container Service

LambCI configuration

You'll need to give the Lambda function in your LambCI stack access to run the task, so will need add to IAM permissions something like this:

  "Effect": "Allow",
  "Action": "ecs:RunTask",
  "Resource": "arn:aws:ecs:*:*:task-definition/lambci-ecs-BuildTask-1PVABCDEFKFT"

Where you replace the resource with the name of the ECS task definition created in your lambci-ecs stack.

Then in the project you want to build using ECS, you'll need to ensure the following LambCI config settings are given:

  docker: {
    cluster: 'lambci-ecs-Cluster-1TZABCDEF987',
    task: 'lambci-ecs-BuildTask-1PVABCDEFKFT',

(replacing with the actual names of your cluster and task)

These are normal LambCI config settings which you can set in your .lambci.js[on] file or in the config DB.

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