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Unicode algorithms for Ruby 1.9
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Unicode Utils - Unicode algorithms for Ruby 1.9

UnicodeUtils implements Unicode algorithms for case conversion, normalization, text segmentation and more in pure Ruby code.


Install with RubyGems:

gem install unicode_utils

Or get the source from Github: and follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt.

UnicodeUtils works with Ruby 1.9.1 or later.


require "unicode_utils/upcase"

UnicodeUtils.upcase("weiß") => "WEISS"

UnicodeUtils.upcase("i", :tr) => "İ"

Start with the UnicodeUtils module in the API documentation for complete documentation.


unicode_utils is licensed under the BSD license. Read the file LICENSE.txt in the unicode_utils package for details.


Online documentation

Source code

Rubyforge project

Home of the Unicode Consortium


UnicodeUtils is written by Stefan Lang. You can contact me at langstefan AT Contributions welcome!

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