a couchapp that lets you give a presentation by panning, rotating and zooming in an svg/png/pdf file
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Boom Amazing...

... is a web application that allows you to zoom/rotate/pan around in an image, record the different positions and then replay those for a presentation.

The image can be either a pixel based format e.g. png/gif/jpg, an svg file or a pdf.

Boom Amazing uses CouchDB to store its data and CouchApp to upload itself into CouchDB. (Since CouchDB has a built-in web server everything is served directly by CouchDB)

Running it

Installation Using CouchApp

  • Install CouchDB
  • Install CouchApp (requires Python)
  • Clone the Boom Amazing Repo
  • push the app to a CouchDB database by changing to the checkout and running couchapp push


Alternatively you can just replicate an existing database that contains boom amazing. The easiest way to to this is to use Futon (http://localhost:5984/\_utils), click on Replicate on the right and choose a source database and a local destination.

I host one boom amazing installation on my couchone account, so you can just replicate from there: http://langalex.couchone.com/boom\_amazing

Using it

  • create an empty document in the boom_amazing database and upload your svg/png/gif/pdf file, for example using Futon (http://localhost:5984/_utils)
  • Go to http://localhost:5984/your\_db/boom\_amazing/\_design/boom_amazing/index.html
  • Choose your presentation from the dropdown in the toolbar
  • Start moving around, click save to record a position ("add a slide")
    • hold down [alt] and move the mouse up/down to zoom
    • hold down [ctrl] and move the mouse left/right to rotate
  • Replay the saved positions by clicking the next/previous links in the toolbar at the top
  • Hack the code, add something awesome, share it on GitHub


pixel vs. svg vs. pdf presentations

  • pixel images make it easier to embed photos, better performance, but you can see the pixels at some point
  • svg can zoom in infinitely, but performance problems with more complex presentations
  • creating svg files on the mac is a pain, so i added pixels
  • new: PDFs. pdfs combine the best of both worlds: you have unlimited zoom for vectors and can still embed pixel based images. also: the rendering performance compared to svg/pixels is just amazing. i highly recommend using pdfs.


Alexander Lang alex@upstre.am http://twitter.com/langalex


Currently this only runs on relatively new Webkit version that support the webkit-transform and webkit-transform-origin CSS properties.


  • use the browser's LocalStorage instead/in addition to CouchDB so this could run on e.g. iPads
  • support gestures for zoom/rotate instead of holding down keys