A ruby script to automatically add machine tags to flickr photos for the used lenses (and probably everything else) based on custom rules on the Exif tags of each photo.
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This is a simple and hacky script to add machine tags to Flickr images describing the lens used for a photo. Machine tags are one way to add meta information to Flickr images in a somewhat more sorted way that the usual tags using namespaces and a key-value system. The Flickr FAQ give a short introduction on machine tags. Using machine tags to describe the lens used for a photo normally duplicates the information already existing in the exif tags of the photo (if the camera adds these information) but allows searching for lenses as searching for exif information is not yet very well usable using the Flickr API. Moreover, most cameras add the lens type in a maker or even camera specific form to the exif tags, which complicates a unified search over all camera brands.

FlickrExifTagger is a really simple script written in Ruby that uses flickraw to access the Flickr API. It iterates over all photos of the user's account, starting with the most recent photo, reads the exif information and uses a hard-coded set of rules to add lens machine tags.

This script is really not intended to be used without modifications in the code!



gem install flickraw

Basic usage:

git clone https://github.com/languitar/FlickrExifTagger.git
cd FlickrExifTagger
ruby flickrExifTagger.rb

Follow the instructions on screen for authentication against the Flickr API.


see COPYING file