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⚠️ This repo is no longer being maintained. See #92

JS / TS Parameter Annotations for Visual Studio Code

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vscode-js-annotations goes through any Javascript or Typescript file and inserts parameter annotations into all function calls so it is easily noticable on what a particular parameter is.


There currently is a few configurable settings in the extension

Name Description Default
jsannotations.enabled Enable JS Annotations true
jsannotations.hideIfEqual Hide annotation if argument name matches parameter name true
jsannotations.hideInvalidAnnotation Hide annotations for invalid params true
jsannotations.hideDiagnostics Hide red squiggles under invalid parameters false
jsannotations.fontWeight Annotation styling of font-weight CSS property "400"
jsannotations.fontStyle Font style for annotations. "italic"

Themable Colors

JS Annotations provides a single themable color being the color of what the annotation should be. It can be added to the workbench.colorCustomizations property in user settings.

Name Description
jsannotations.annotationForeground Specifies the foreground color for the annotations

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