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Bundle to import feeds, etc.
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Data importer for Symfony 2

The Data Importer defines the interface between a back-end storage and the outer world. Its purpose is to either actively fetch (as a HTTP client) or retrieve (as a web service) data from an external data source. These actions are handled each by a separate controller not implementing any data translation logic. A service called module processes the data and routes it to the storage unit.

Current Status

  • base implementation is done
  • example service module in place
  • base configuration for both controllers provided


The Jackalope sources are only necessary to run the example importer. If you do not want to use it, it is not necessary to install them. Note that the Jackalope sources do have their own dependencies.


  1. Install the jackalope/JackalopeBundle as described at

  2. Include in your project

    $ git submodule add git:// src/Bundle/FeedImportBundle
    $ git submodule update --recursive --init
  3. Add bundle to your application kernel

    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new Bundle\FeedImportBundle\FeedImportBundle(),
            // ...
  4. Add the bundle to your application config:

    // app/config/config.yml import.controller: class: Application\ImportBundle\Controller\ImportController arguments: - whitelist: faz: [] debug: %kernel.debug% - @request - @response - faz: @?import.importer.faz.books - @?logger

    // import services import.importer.faz: class: Application\ImportBundle\Importer\Faz\ImporterFaz arguments: - http: method: POST server_vars: content_type: text\/xml; charset=utf-8 xml: schema_file: ~ article: publisher: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH jackalope: root_path: /feeds/faz article_path: article meta_path: metaData - @jackalope - @?logger

Running tests

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