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A website you join via pull request.
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A website you join via pull request. See it live at

What would it be like if every user of a site had contributed some code? Let's find out! Right now the site is little more than a terrible Hacker News type thing, but let's see if it can grow into something more.

How to join


  • Fork and set up project for development (see below)
  • Add your GitHub username to the authorized users list.
  • Add a feature, fix a bug, improve the design, etc.
  • Submit a pull request! When we merge, you'll be allowed to log in.

Development Setup

Prerequisites: Node.js and MongoDB.

First, register a new developer application on GitHub. Set the Homepage URL to your development server (example: http://localhost:3000) and set your Authorization callback URL to http://localhost:3000/auth/github/callback. Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret, as you will need them in the next steps.

# Fetch only the latest commits.
git clone

cd pullup

# Install NPM dependencies
npm install
npm install -g gulp

# Set the following environment variables:


# Or, on Windows...


Once those are set you can run the local development version:

node app.js

Or start the app with foreman:

foreman start -f Procfile.local

And perform build tasks and linting with:


You can find out more technical details in the Readme for Hackathon Starter.

Seeding The Database

Firstly make sure you have installed grunt-cli globally.

npm install -g grunt-cli

Once this has installed you can seed the database by running the following grunt task.

grunt db-seed

You may also wish to completely clear down the database, you can do so by running the db-clear task.

grunt db-clear

Pullup Dev Community

We hang out on Gitter

Using the Vagrant-based Development Environment

You'll need VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Ansible installed to use this environment.

Note: Windows users do not need Ansible installed. (A script will run and install Ansible on the guest machine for you)

Update the GitHub environment variables in vagrant/tasks/setup_app.yml

Fire up the Vagrant VM:

vagrant up

Ensure Ansible has run successfully and provisioned the boxes. If not, try again using vagrant provision

Then, ssh in and follow the installation steps:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/
npm install
node app.js

Vagrant Development on a Windows Host

Windows lacks support for symlinks in synced folders. Use npm install --no-bin-links instead of npm install when installing.


This project is based on the awesome Hackathon Starter project. Thanks @sahat!

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