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Frellwit's filter lists

Filter lists for uBlock Origin and hosts-file blockers.

Use Firefox or Librewolf for the best experience.

These lists may work fine with Chromium/Blink (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave), but I can't guarantee that they will work as intended. It's possible that any list updates will be extremely delayed if you use these lists in a manifest v3 extension.

I strongly discourage people from using Chrome, Opera, Edge, Yandex. It's your choice, but the mentioned browsers are not good if you value your privacy. Using any Chromium/Blink browser is not good if you value an open web.

Available lists

Read if you want to contribute to any of the lists.

List Description
Frellwits-Swedish-Filter.txt A blocklist for uBlock Origin (uBO) made to remove ads, tracking, annoyances, scams, badware, and unnecessary bloat on Swedish websites. This is Sweden's regional filter in uBlock Origin located in: Dashboard -> Filter lists -> Regions, language -> 🇸🇪 se: Frellwit's Swedish Filter.

uBO enables the region/language-filter that corresponds to the locale of your web browser. This means that 🇸🇪 se: Frellwit's Swedish Filter will be enabled by default if your browser has the Swedish locale installed. Otherwise, you have to enable the list manually as described above.

More information about the list.
Frellwits-Swedish-Hosts-File.txt This file is in hosts file format and works best when used with specific applications or devices, such as pi-hole, routers, etc. Its aim is to reduce your exposure to ads, tracking, scams, badware, and occasionally some annoyances on (mostly) Swedish websites. As always with hosts files, use at your own risk and make sure that you know what you're doing. This is not as powerful as the filter list for uBO. For the best results, use this hosts file together with Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list.

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