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Who knew lanyards could be cool? Now you do.
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LED Lanyard

This project is for the design and reference for building of an LED lanyard, primarily used in conferences.


Dan Stach, the original creator of the LED lanyard, built a prototype for his work badge using Neopixels. Extending this design, I worked with Bricks and Minifigs of Dallas, TX, to build a LEGO case and got a lot of interest from social media.

LED Lanyard Tweet

Getting started

This repo is broken up into:

  • Parts - If you are interested in building your own, this is the Bill Of Materials (BOM).
  • Assembly - After you have all of the parts, you will need to assemble them.
  • Extending with Raspberry Pi - The RF controller has pre-programmed effects; however, if you want to program your own, you can use your own controller. I have created some examples with integrations to Twilio and Azure Bot Framework.

Related Efforts


MIT © Tommy Falgout

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