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Ionic 2 Demo / Seed Project : + i18n + Unit Testing + E2E Testing + CI + CD

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Click here for the live demo

Ionic's official repo

Ionic have created an official unit testing example over at driftyco/ionic-unit-testing-example. To understand why this repo still exists, see #239, where we looked at deprecating clicker in favour of ionic-unit-testing-example.

Broadly, the official example repo:

  • Is not mature or production ready
  • Is intended as a simple example only / will not be supported by Ionic
  • Does not support e2e
  • Does not use @angular/cli and thus lacks testing support from the wider ng2 community

For ~large or production projects, I suggest using clicker. For small apps / side projects the official example should suffice.

Install & Start

You need to be running the latest node LTS or newer

git clone
cd clicker
npm install
npm start         # start the application (ionic serve)

Running as root? You probably shouldn't be. If you need to: npm run postinstall before npm start. #111 for more info.

Run Unit Tests

npm test          # run unit tests

Run E2E

npm run webdriver
npm run e2e

Blog Topics


PRs are welcome, see the roadmap sticky


  • If you can't get the testing working, raise an issue
  • If you have a general question about unit testing (e.g. how can I write a unit test for some-module), see #191


  • This started out as a fork of Angular 2 Seed and would not be possible without it
  • @stonelasey for i18n (#271)
  • @bengro for the lightweightify inspiration (#68)
  • @ric9176 and @DanielaGSB for E2E tests (#50)
  • @tja4472 for the ngrx implementation (#133)
  • Everyone else for the advice, help, PRs etc


See the changelog here

Updated for:

  • @angular/*: 5.0.4
  • @angular/cli:: 1.5.4
  • @ionic-angular: 3.9.2