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HSS is responsive and single page design theme for Pelican.


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  • HSS is responsive and single page design theme for Pelican, it is my hack of a Giulio Fidente's gfidente/pelican-svbhack theme.
  • HSS is "H"ack to "S"ingle-page-layout of "S"VBHACK.

⚠️ This theme requires Pelican 4.0.0 or newer.


You can see the my site.

index content
image image


Clone the repository, edit your and modify the THEME variable to make it point to the downloaded theme location.


  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS to use Google Analytics, set this var to your ID ("UA-..." or "G-...") code

  • The following values are intended for use Google Adsens(only responsive).

    • GOOGLE_ADSENSE_CLIENT: ca-pub-XXXXXXXXX at data-ad-client.
    • GOOGLE_ADSENSE_SLOT: value at data-ad-slot


    GOOGLE_ADSENSE_CLIENT = 'ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    GOOGLE_ADSENSE_SLOT   = 'xxxxxxxxx'
  • USER_LOGO_URL to replace the logo placeholder, put your logo in content/images/your_logo.png and make this var point to SITEURL + '/static/images/your_logo.png'

  • DISQUS_SITENAME set this to your Disqus sitename to enable disqus comments in articles

  • TAGLINE some text rendered right below the logo

  • INTERNET_DEFENSE_LEAGUE set this to True if you want to enable the Internet Defense League code

  • SHOW_SOCIAL_SHARE_BUTTON to use social share button. set this var to True.

  • SOCIAL_SHARE_BUTTONS to choice social media for

    from the following.


        'twitter', 'x_twitter', 'facebook', 'hatebu', 'pocket', 'bsky',
  • CUSTOM_CSS_URL (Default: None)

    if you want to customize to stylesheet, you add css file by your hosting and seting url to this value.


    make custom.css to /path/to/your-pelican-project/content/extra/custom.css
    and add to

    # set custom.css url.
    CUSTOM_CSS_URL = '/static/custom.css'
    # add `extra` to STATIC_PATHS.
    STATIC_PATHS = [ 'extra', 'images', ]
    # set url of custom.css to EXTRA_PATH_METADATA.
        -- -- snip -- --
        'extra/custom.css': {'path': 'static/custom.css'},

    or you can use your hosting url path.
    so use your hosting url, there is no need to set STATIC_PATHS , EXTRA_PATH_METADATA.

    # set custom.css url.
  • HSS_TWITTER_CARD to enable twitter card for your site. set this var to True.

    • HSS_TWITTER_CARD_TWITTER_ID twitter_id for TWITTER_CARD, if you want. (optional)
  • HSS_DEFAULT_OGP_IMAGE_URL for default ogp image of your site by URL.

How to set an ogp image by articles

if you want to set an ogp image by articles, set below parameters as file metadata.

  • ogp_image_url (URL): set an url path that you want to use as an ogp image.
  • twitter_card_large (bool, default: false): set "true" if you want to ogp image as "summary_large_image".


Title: My super title
Date: 2022-02-05 10:20

 ... snip ....

twitter_card_large: true


  • A different Pygmentize theme can be used by editing ./Makefile and running make pygments.



Released under MIT License, full details in LICENSE file.