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Opening a particular submodule consistently crashes gitx. (Opening other submodules fail, but without crashes. Haven't dug into it much yet.) Using the released v0.8.4 version.

Crash report at

(Updated to move long crash report to a gist.)

I also get this issue, error report here:

Also seeing problem on 0.8.4 version.

Looks like the layout of submodules has changed since upgrading to Xcode 4.4 and installing updated command line tools.

Now my submodules don't have a .git directory, they have a .git file, which references a 'gitdir' instead.

Perhaps this is the source of the crash because other projects which were cloned before my Xcode upgrade, and which have .git directories in submodules, do not cause the crash.

@protocool yep, I see the same thing, with git version That's gotta be it.

I just built from master and it looks like problem is corrected, it just hasn't made it into the released version of GitX yet.

mschaaf commented Aug 3, 2012

@laullon Another reason for a new release.

vitch commented Aug 17, 2012

I'm on git version and I'm having the same crash (with GitX v0.8.4). I updated to this fork because it started happening with the very old GitX I was using but it seems to be also happening on this fork. If it was due to a change in git itself that would explain why I'm suffering from this now and hadn't noticed it previously (I also updated git recently).

vitch commented Aug 23, 2012

Building my own version with XCode 4.4.1 also fixed the problem for me. I'm not familiar with OSX development but I checkout out this repo and then opened GitX.xcodeproj in XCode and pressed run. I found the generated executable in ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/GitX-[some-ref]/Build/Products/Debug and it doesn't crash when I open submodules. Adding the detail here incase someone else comes across this issue and is put off by the idea of compiling themselves.

I too have this issue, Gitx crashes when opening submodules. Gitx version 0.8.4, git version, Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Crash log is here I've tried upgrading Git to 1.8.2 but unfortunately that made no difference. Any ideas on how to use Gitx with submodules would be appreciated, workarounds welcome.

I switched to, and highly recommend it. And yes, it handles submodules well.

Thanks @josharian, that works well.

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