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GitHub Action for pipelining microservices and Kubernetes performance testing with Meshery


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Meshery Performance Analysis GitHub Action

A GitHub Action to characterize the performance of a service or microservice using a load generator and statistical analysis. Use Meshery's performance analysis GitHub Action to establish a performance benchmark and visually compare percentiles (e.g. P99) over time. Integrate performance characterization within your CI/CD pipeline and catch regressions before they happen.

This action supports performance analysis of any accessible HTTP/S endpoint. If the system under test is running on Kubernetes, Meshery will collect additional infrastructure (cluster/node) statistics and include in the analysis.

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See action.yml

You can use this action by defining your test configuration in a performance profile in Meshery or write your test configurations in SMP compatible format (see example).

You can then pass in either of these to the action to run a performance test.

The results of the tests are updated on the Performance Management dashboard in Meshery.

See Performance Management with Meshery for detailed instructions on setting up Meshery and authenticating the GitHub Action.

SMP Compatible Test Configuration File

# Test configuration file for running performance analysis
# See:
  # The name of the test
  name: Load Test
  labels: {}
  # Test configuration to be defined here
    - internal: false
      load_generator: fortio
      protocol: 1
      connections: 2
      rps: 10
      headers: {}
      cookies: {}
      body: ''
      content_type: ''
        - ''
  duration: 60s

# If testing while using a service mesh, see Service Mesh Performance Spec format
# See:
  type: 3 # optional

Sample configuration

See scheduled-benchmarks.yml and configurable-benchmark-test.yml for more sample configurations.

name: Meshery Performance Analysis Action

    name: Performance Test
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
          ref: 'perf'

      - name: Deploy k8s-minikube
        uses: manusa/actions-setup-minikube@v2.4.1
          minikube version: 'v1.30.1'
          kubernetes version: 'v1.27.3'
          driver: docker

      - name: Run Performance Test
        uses: layer5io/meshery-smp-action@master
          provider_token: ${{ secrets.PROVIDER_TOKEN }}
          platform: docker
          profile_name: soak-test

Meshery is the canonical implementation of the Service Mesh Performance specification.

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