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This library is deprecated in reason of Administration-Zero

The Construct

This is The Construct. It's our rails template, it has almost everything. From beautiful layout to production ready setup, javascript components and good practices to learn.

The Construct

Getting started

$ git clone
$ rails new awesome-rails -d=postgresql --webpack=stimulus -m ~/RailsProjects/the_construct/template.rb


Stisla Admin Template

The construct integrates Stisla Admin Template with modern rails ecosystem tools like Webpack, Turbolinks and Stimulus JS, bringing a sophisticated implementation and maximum performance without SPA hassle.


The construct replaces default scaffold template with a new one focused on production. Some features are:

Heroku Ready

The construct comes with some opinionated configurations and addons that should be on any production application like:

  • Heroku Redis for data store and caching.
  • PaperTrail or any other for logging.
  • SendGrid for email delivery.
  • RackRatelimit for blocking & throttling abusive requests.
  • AssetHost configured to ENV['CLOUDFRONT_URL'].
  • Sidekiq as queue adapter.
  • Force SSL.

Hybrid Mobile Architecture Ready

The construct is a Majestic Monolith template so it is full compatible with TurboLinks IOS, TurboLinks Android or React Native TurboLinks. After create a new project you can easily port it to a IOS/Android APP.


Rails ~> 6.0.0