CSSFontFamily is a Sublime Text plugin with a collection of font stacks autocomplete.
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CSSFontFamily is a Sublime Text 2/3 plugin with a collection of font stacks autocomplete.

Also, autocomplete @font-faces declared in your current CSS.


CSSFontFamily is designed to work with Sublime Text.

Using Sublime Package Control

If you are using Sublime Package Control, you can easily install CSSFontFamily via the Package Control: Install Package menu item. The CSSFontFamily package is listed as CSSFontFamily in the packages list.

Using Git

Clone this repo directly to your Packages directory in the Sublime Text folder.

You can locate your Sublime Text Packages directory by using the menu item Preferences > Browse Packages....

While inside the Packages directory, clone the plugin repository using the command below:

git clone https://github.com/lcdsantos/CSSFontFamily/ "CSSFontFamily"

Download Manually

  1. Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option
  2. Unzip the files and rename the folder to CSSFontFamily
  3. Copy the folder to your Sublime Text Packages directory


The plugin is triggered inside your font and font-family declarations.


The built-in font stacks aren't enough for you? No problem! Go to Preferences > Package Settings > CSSFontFamily > Settings - User and add how many you want:

	"fonts_stacks": [
		"\"Comic Sans MS\", cursive",
		"\"Your font stack\", sans-serif"

It's recommended that you escape your font names with quotes if contains spaces or any punctuations other than hyphens.

By default, commented @font-face declarations in your CSS are ignored, you can change this by adding this to your User Settings file:

	"ignore_font_faces_in_comments": false