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LDBC Graphalytics Specification

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Version history

Latest snapshot version built by CI

Stable versions:

Version Date Document
1.0.4 2023-Feb-15 Link
1.0.3 2022-Mar-31 Link
1.0.2 2021-Apr-13 Link
1.0.1 2021-Jan-31 Link
1.0.0 2020-Nov-30 Link
0.9.0 2017-Jun-28 Link 2017-Jun-09 Link
0.2.6 2016-Sep-06 Link
0.2.5 2016-Sep-04 Link

Releasing on arXiv

To release on arXiv, follow these steps:

  • Update the version number in the tex/version.tex file.
  • Update the link on the title page in the ldbc.cls file to the tag of the new version number, i.e. (to be created later).
  • Add link to the table in the file.
  • Push the changes to GitHub.
  • On GitHub, create a new release named vX.Y.Z (this comes with a new tag).
  • Run the ./ script.
  • Uploade the generated file to arXiv.
  • Bump the version number to the next draft in the tex/version.tex file.
  • Revert the link on the title page in the ldbc.cls file to the main branch of this repository.