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Linked Data Benchmark Council


  1. ldbc_snb_datagen_spark ldbc_snb_datagen_spark Public

    Synthetic graph generator for the LDBC Social Network Benchmark, running on Spark

    Java 166 58

  2. ldbc_snb_docs ldbc_snb_docs Public

    Specification of the LDBC Social Network Benchmark suite

    TeX 52 14

  3. ldbc_snb_interactive_v1_impls ldbc_snb_interactive_v1_impls Public

    Reference implementations for LDBC Social Network Benchmark's Interactive workload.

    Java 94 82

  4. ldbc_graphalytics ldbc_graphalytics Public

    Generic driver for LDBC Graphalytics implementation

    Java 76 35

  5. ldbc_spb_bm_2.0 ldbc_spb_bm_2.0 Public

    LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark v2.0

    Java 12 12

  6. ldbc_snb_bi ldbc_snb_bi Public

    Reference implementations for the LDBC Social Network Benchmark's Business Intelligence (BI) workload

    Python 33 20


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