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Find Me A Book!

The British National Bibliography (BNB) is a bibliographic database that contains information on a wide range of books and serial publications that have been published in the UK and Ireland since the 1950s. The database is available under a public domain license and can be accessed via an online API.

This project is a demo application that illustrates how to build a web application using the BNB SPARQL endpoint available from:

A working version of this demo application can be found at

Installing and Running the Application

Clone from git:

git clone

Ensure ruby and ruby gems are installed. Then install bundle:

sudo gem install bundle

Then run bundle to install the project gems:

sudo bundle install

Then to run the application:


This will launch a local version of the application available from:



The custom code and Javascript in this project is placed into the public domain under the terms of the CC0 Waiver.

The project includes copies of the JQuery and Bootstrap libraries which are re-used under the terms of their individual licenses