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description of leahutils
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  • arr, (re)arrange and select fields on each line
  • extrace, trace exec() calls system-wide
  • fail, crash in various possible ways
  • holes, find runs of zero bytes
  • lr, list files, recursively
  • mblaze, Unix utilities to deal with Maildir
  • necho, minimal, sensible alternatives to echo(1)
  • notyet, a text-based recursive task tracker
  • nq, Unix command line queue utility
  • pds, parallel data substitution
  • rdd, random data dumper
  • rdumpfs, a rsync-based dump file system backup tool
  • reap, run process until all its spawned processes are dead
  • redo-c, an implementation of the redo build system in portable C with zero dependencies
  • rnl, remove trailing newlines
  • rwc, report when files change
  • snooze, run a command at a particular time
  • xe, simple xargs and apply replacement
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