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Lean mathematical components library
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Lean standard library

Besides Lean's general documentation, the documentation of mathlib consists of:

This repository also contains extra Lean documentation not specific to mathlib.

Obtaining binaries

Install the update-mathlib script

Two options are avaiblable to install update-mathlib:

  • Linux/OS X/Cygwin/MSYS2/git bash: run the following command in a terminal:
curl -sSf | sh
  • Any platform: in the release section of this page, download mathlib-scripts-###-###-###.tar.gz, expand it and run

Fetch mathlib binaries

In a terminal, in the directory of a project depending on mathlib, run the following:


The existing _target/deps/mathlib will be rewritten with a compiled version of mathlib.

Automatic update of the binaries

The following command, run on each project, sets up an automatic update of the mathlib binaries after every git checkout.

echo \#! /bin/sh > .git/hooks/post-checkout
echo update-mathlib >> .git/hooks/post-checkout
chmod +x .git/hooks/post-checkout

Maintainers (topics):

  • Jeremy Avigad (@avigad): analysis
  • Reid Barton (@rwbarton): category theory, topology
  • Mario Carneiro (@digama0): all (lead maintainer)
  • Simon Hudon (@cipher1024): all
  • Chris Hughes (@ChrisHughes24): group_theory, ring_theory, field_theory
  • Robert Y. Lewis (@robertylewis): all
  • Patrick Massot (@patrickmassot): documentation
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