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LeapUVC gives you access to the Leap Motion Controller image data through the industry standard UVC (Universal Video Class) interface. This gives you low level controls such as LED brightness, gamma, exposure, gain, resolution, and more.

The LeapUVC release features examples in C, Python, and Matlab, as well as OpenCV bindings that show how to stream from multiple devices, track ArUco markers, change camera settings, grab lens distortion parameters, and compute stereo depth maps from the images. Use the Leap Motion Controller to track physical objects, capture high-speed infrared footage, or see the world in new ways.

The bundled firmware updating binaries, which are required to unlock LeapUVC access, must be executed on a Windows machine. The included Python Examples have been tested on Windows and Linux; Mac is not currently supported. Since this is experimental software, use it at your own risk.

With this experimental release we hope to open up entirely new use cases for the Leap Motion Controller in education, robotics, art, academic research, and more.


These examples are licensed for use under the terms of the Leap Motion Developer SDK agreement.


Examples in Python, Matlab, and C for interpreting data from UVC-Enabled Leap Motion Peripherals







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