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🐍 Syntax, working with Shell commands, Files, Text Processing, and more...
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Python Basics

Introduction to Python - Syntax, working with Shell commands, Files, Text Processing, and more...


  • Introduction
    • Installation, Hello World example, Python Interpreter, Python Standard Library
  • Number and String data types
    • Numbers, String, Constants, Built-in Operators
  • Functions
    • def, print function, range function, type function, Variable Scope
  • Getting User input
    • Integer input, Floating point input, String input
  • Executing external commands
    • Calling Shell commands, Calling Shell commands with expansion, Getting command output and redirections
  • Control Structures
    • Condition checking, if, for, while, continue and break
  • Lists
    • Assigning List variables, Slicing and Modifying Lists, Copying Lists, List Methods and Miscellaneous, Looping, List Comprehension, Getting List as user input, Getting random items from list
  • Sequence, Set and Dict data types
    • Strings, Tuples, Set, Dictionary
  • Text Processing
    • String methods, Regular Expressions, Pattern matching and extraction, Search and Replace, Compiling Regular Expressions, Further Reading on Regular Expressions
  • File handling
    • open function, Reading files, Writing to files, Inplace editing with fileinput
  • Command line arguments
    • Known number of arguments, Varying number of arguments, Using program name in code, Command line switches
  • Exception Handling and Debugging
    • Exception Handling, Syntax check, pdb, Importing program
  • Docstrings
    • Style guide, Palindrome example
  • Testing
    • assert statement, Using assert to test a program, Using unittest framework, Using unittest.mock to test user input and program output, Other testing frameworks
  • Exercises
  • Further Reading
    • Standard topics not covered, Useful links on coding, Python extensions


  • Please open an issue for typos/bugs/suggestions/etc
    • Even for pull requests, open an issue for discussion before submitting PRs
    • or gitter group chat for discussion as well as for help/mentorship
  • Share the repo with friends/colleagues, on social media, etc to help reach other learners
  • Contribute by donating on patreon or liberapay
  • In case you need to reach me, use gitter private chat
    • or mail me at echo 'bGVhcm5ieWV4YW1wbGUubmV0QGdtYWlsLmNvbQo=' | base64 --decode


  • Read as ebook on gitbook
  • Download ebook for offline reading - link



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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