dialogger is a simple technique to create dialog in [Open Frameworks] apps
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Dialogger is for individuals that need a simple and effective technique to create any dialog needed in a OpenFrameworks app.


Dialogger is made with OpenFrameworks. Dialogger uses the addons “ofxXmlSettings”, “ofxOsc” and “ofxSimpleSlider”. By using keystrokes as well as a slider / timecode vinyl a user can address an audio file by millisecond / timecode vinyl for phrases, words and corresponding A-F mouth shapes or any image.


To use dialogger, first you need to download and install OpenFrameworks. You can make a copy of /examples/addons/allAddonsExample/ folder then add the “src“ and “data” folder from the dialogger zip for fast FUN. Place your six images for the lip-synching in the directory bin/data/record/dialog/images/(yourMouth). Place your audio here bin/data/record/dialog/audio/(yourAudio).


Movie Example. Movie How To Dialogger. angry animator.

To Do

Add all phonemes defined for speech instead of only using the Hanna-Barbera mouth shapes.


Thanks to : Golan Levin ofxSimpleSlider, Dermot O' Connor (angry animator) A-F mouth shapes