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A blog package written mostly in clojure
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A blog written in Clojure for learning Clojure... and blogging.

To Cut a Version

$ lein v update {patch|minor|major}


You can configure three profiles: dev, test, and prod. Each profile can have separate urls, databases, and other fields configured to isolate them from each other.


Mango is currently strictly tied to mongoDB and you must have an instance running that you can connect to.


Running locally for development: $ lein with-profile dev run.


  • To run the default tests: $ lein test
  • To run integration tests (requires database connection): $ lein test :integration

Deploying / Hosting

For now I just build an uberjar and run it on an instance somewhere: $ lein with-profile prod uberjar


v0.1 2019/02/19

  • First commit in prep for open source. Hope all my secrets are scrubbed!


Built with


Copyright © 2016-2019 Lee Austin Adams

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