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Benchmark Kubernetes persistent disk volumes with fio: Read/write IOPS, bandwidth MB/s and latency.


  1. Download dbench.yaml and edit the storageClassName to match your Kubernetes provider's Storage Class kubectl get storageclasses
  2. Deploy Dbench using: kubectl apply -f dbench.yaml
  3. Once deployed, the Dbench Job will:
    • provision a Persistent Volume of 1000Gi (default) using storageClassName: ssd (default)
    • run a series of fio tests on the newly provisioned disk
    • currently there are 9 tests, 15s per test - total runtime is ~2.5 minutes
  4. Follow benchmarking progress using: kubectl logs -f job/dbench (empty output means the Job not yet created, or storageClassName is invalid, see Troubleshooting below)
  5. At the end of all tests, you'll see a summary that looks similar to this:
= Dbench Summary =
Random Read/Write IOPS: 75.7k/59.7k. BW: 523MiB/s / 500MiB/s
Average Latency (usec) Read/Write: 183.07/76.91
Sequential Read/Write: 536MiB/s / 512MiB/s
Mixed Random Read/Write IOPS: 43.1k/14.4k
  1. Once the tests are finished, clean up using: kubectl delete -f dbench.yaml and that should deprovision the persistent disk and delete it to minimize storage billing.

Notes / Troubleshooting

  • If the Persistent Volume Claim is stuck on Pending, it's likely you didn't specify a valid Storage Class. Double check using kubectl get storageclasses. Also check that the volume size of 1000Gi (default) is available for provisioning.
  • It can take some time for a Persistent Volume to be Bound and the Kubernetes Dashboard UI will show the Dbench Job as red until the volume is finished provisioning.
  • It's useful to test multiple disk sizes as most cloud providers price IOPS per GB provisioned. So a 4000Gi volume will perform better than a 1000Gi volume. Just edit the yaml, kubectl delete -f dbench.yaml and run kubectl apply -f dbench.yaml again after deprovision/delete completes.
  • A list of all fio tests are in



  • MIT


Benchmark Kubernetes persistent disk volumes with fio: Read/write IOPS, bandwidth MB/s and latency





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