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@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Apr 6, 2017

We have switched our database technology from MySQL to PostgreSQL. From this version on, leihs will no longer be available on MySQL.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL you need to install ALL earlyer versions before you install this release.

Major adjustments related to the technology transition:

  • Usage of UUIDs for all IDs
  • New field "compact_id" to keep the short contract number
  • The contract number is converted from the UUID to Base32-Crockford notation
  • Attachments and images are saved in the database
  • Cron has been replaced through systemd
  • Tab "database" in Admin-section no longer exists
  • Procurement requests' filter are persisted in the database, thus keep on existing between browser restarts

Other enhancements:

  • Fixed bug when changing the orderer in reservations
  • Fixed bug when accessing statistic in Admin-section „Who bought the most items?“
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@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Jan 10, 2017

script: change owner of items #159
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@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Jan 10, 2017

Bug in SW-license:
When adding allocations with long location-inputs to a software license, an error popped up. We now enhanced the max. amount of characters for this field.

Bug in Procurement module:
Unless the budget phase has not yet ended, the requesters should not see the approved amount or the inspector's comment. This was not the case and is fixed now.

Bug in Procurement module:
If the filter "Inspector's Priority" was adjusted right after exporting the requests to Excel, the leihs-screen showed the output-statements of Excel instead of the list of requests.

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@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Jan 10, 2017

Adjustments to the Procurement module:

  • New field "Inspector's priority" with the values mandatory, high, middle, low - default value is "middle"
  • New behaviour: when moving a request to a new budget period, the Inspector's comment is maintained.
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@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Nov 15, 2016

For all Excel-users it is now possible to export the inventory-list in Excel-format. A double click on the downloaded file showns the data in its' column structure and shows umlauts such as ä,ö,ü correctly. An export to CSV format is still available.

In additon to attachments in models and software one can now add attachments to items and software licenses.

Just a small change to the behaviour of fields: the fields "order amount" and "replacement/new" in requests are now writable for inspectors.

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Oct 27, 2016

@nadjaweisskopf nadjaweisskopf released this Oct 17, 2016

Order amount shall not be shown to requesters.

The results of the item container are now either in font black, when part of the current intenvory pool or font grey, when not part of the current inventory pool. This change makes it possible to see the responsible inventory pool of any item of your instance.

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Sep 13, 2016
fix delegation mail feature
Sep 7, 2016
category used considering also descendants
Sep 1, 2016
update scout_apm to 2.x