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tinyblog is my attempt to build a minimalist blog engine using markdown.


$blog = new tinyblog();
echo $blog->output();

how it works

Quite simply! tinyblog is going to find a list of articles in the blog subfolder (configurable with the "dir" option). Each article should be name with the slug you want to use, for instance

A list of articles is going to be built, with the title, the date (based on filemtime) and a summary (which takes the first few lines of your articles after your title). The list is then cached for future use and optimise disk access.

latest post

You can get the latest post by simple doing

$post = require PATH_TO_BLOG . '/_list.php';
$article = $post[0];

The last article is always the first one.


To keep things simple, tinyblog use third party comment systems. A sample livefyre code is included, but you need to replace it by passing the html snippet as the "comments_html" option to the constructor.