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Welcome to the leksah1 wiki!

Leksah1 is the next generation Leksah which is build up from plugins.

This is the place for developers docu for leksah core plugins. If you add docu please do it in markdown format.

Every plugin depends on the billeksah plugin mechanism (billeksah-services) and you should use the pane and frame plugins.

Please read the stuff in the billeksah-wiki first, if you are going to develop new plugins for leksah.

Next read the general stuff section here:

General stuff

Started to collect ideas about Haskell_conventions we should follow. Has a lot of open points and should just serve as a start.

Plugins docu

  • leksah-main

    The main leksah plugin, which all other leksah plugins should depend on. Just handles initialisation and shutdown and may have some general stuff, but this should not be overused.

  • leksah-plugin-pane

    A plugin for editing plugin configurations (Just for leksah plugin developers, not useful for other Leksah users)

Text editing

  • leksah-textedit-interface

    Interfaces for modes and backends

  • leksah-textedit

    The base text editor

  • leksah-souceview

    A gtk sourceview2 backend for the texteditor


  • leksah-dummy

    A plugin just for testing