Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) library implementing lower bounds (LB_Keogh, LB_Improved...)
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LBImproved C++ Library

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This library comes in the form of one short C++ header file. The documentation is in the C++ comments and in this file.

Key feature

  1. Fast Dynamic Time Warping nearest neighbor retrieval.

  2. Implementations of LB Koegh and LB Improved

  3. Companion to the following paper :

Daniel Lemire, Faster Retrieval with a Two-Pass Dynamic-Time-Warping Lower Bound, Pattern Recognition 42 (9), pages 2169-2180, 2009. http://arxiv.org/abs/0811.3301

Comments about this paper by Keogh's team:

 To our knowledge, there is only one paper that
 offers a plausible speedup based on a tighter 
 lower bound—Lemire (2009) suggests a mean speedup 
 of about 1.4 based on a tighter bound. 
 These results are reproducible, and testing on 
 more general data sets we obtained similar 
 results (...) (Wang et al. 2013)


type "make"


Simple code example

See example.cpp.

Other libraries

  • dtwclust is an R Package for Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for DTW