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Scale Primus across multiple servers.
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primus-cluster Build Status

Primus cluster runs Primus accross multiple servers, it use Redis to store data and distribute messages across Primus instances. For more informations you can see Redis Pub/Sub.

This project is a fork of the original project primus-redis that is not compatible with other Primus plugins and with Primus v2+.

This plugin works with primus-emitter, primus-rooms, and primus-resource.


var http = require('http');
var Primus = require('primus');
var PrimusCluster = require('primus-cluster');

var server = http.createServer();
var primus = new Primus(server);

primus.use('cluster', PrimusCluster);



Type: Object or Function

If you specify an object, the properties will be used to call redis.createClient method. The redis module used will be the Redis module installed. This project doesn't have node_redis module as dependency.

new Primus(server, {
  cluster: {
    redis: {
      port: 6379,
      host: '',
      connect_timeout: 200

If you specify a function, it will be called to create redis clients.

var redis = require('redis');

new Primus(server, {
  cluster: {
    redis: createClient

function createClient() {
  var client = redis.createClient();; // Choose a custom database.
  return client;


Type: String

The name of the channel to use, the default channel is "primus".

new Primus(server, {
  cluster: {
    channel: 'primus'


Type: Number

The TTL of the data stored in redis in second, the default value is 86400 (1 day). If you use primus-rooms, Primus cluster will store rooms data in redis.

new Primus(server, {
  cluster: {
    ttl: 86400

Use with other plugins

When you use primus-redis with other plugins, you must take care of calling primus-cluster after all plugins.

primus.use('rooms', PrimusRooms);
primus.use('emitter', PrimusEmitter);
primus.use('cluster', PrimusCluster);



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