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Grav Enhanced Backup Manager

If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to report them.

Enhanced backup for your Grav instance


The backup tool build into GRAV Admin plugin offers everything you need ourdays.

Why is user driven backup important?

Users of emerging projects like Grav need freedom. Backup and archive facilities that work hazzle-free, offer confidence. Pages, content, media: users want to be free, easy... But it's not only about opportunities and freedom, this backup manager offers a lot to admins as well. And there's more to come if this plugin receives some positive feedback!

And yeah: invited to contribute!


Grav provides backup out of the box but offers no control over the process. This plugin offers a Grav backup compatible solution that offers you some nice extra features:

  • backup scopes
  • test mode
  • additional folder and file type ignores
  • file type restrictions (at the moment only via cli)
  • storage administration
  • latest backups
  • purging
  • clean up of failed backups
  • enhanced cli
  • access to a reduced set of options for non super users
  • etc., etc.


You can customize the backup process for your instance in the settings of the plugin. Backup Manager facilitates a test mode that allows you to adapt "THE MOTHER OF ALL BACKUPS FOR GRAV" (a joke) to your environment, low resources, you control, you restrict. With scopes you dispose of predefined backup sets. If you need support, just stuff all into a partial "config backup" by using the "Config" scope. Backup Manager packs now all your configurations, the content of the root folder and a file with the phpinfo into a backup archive.

Existing backup scopes:

  • admin
  • defaults
  • config
  • pages
  • user
  • media
  • images
  • audio
  • video
  • log
  • plugins
  • themes
  • imagecache
  • cache
  • data
  • system

Defined purging scopes:

  • purge
  • purgeall
  • purgepartial
  • purgetests
  • purgepages
  • purgeimages
  • purgemedia
  • purgethemes
  • purgedata
  • purgeplugins
  • purgeconfig
  • purgesystem
  • purgefailed

The default purge context runs during every backup process and works on the basis of your settings for the Backup Manager for capacity and the days you want to keep backups.


Download the ZIP archive from GitHub and extract it to the user/plugins directory in your Grav installation. And if suited it may appear on the GRAV plugin site with some installation support out of the box in the future...


This plugin inludes support for cli and thus for automization. CLI allows for additional options. Investigate. Not all is fail-safe, but a lot of the stuff works well.

One of the nice CLI features: you can specify "free" folders and a lot of them, all to be included in a backup, doesn't matter where they are in the Grav instance... (Hope all this works good enough to maintain your interest, I didn't had the time to test all of the features thoroughly: one man out on a mother sea today...


You will find some known code. This is due to the fact that the first goal was to offer a core enhancement for Grav itself. But this approach needs a lot of coordination with the Grav people. Difficult. Finally the decision to make a plugin out of this may have more pros than cons. Nevertheless, I obliged myself to work hard on core compatible code that allows for an easy integration of backup functionality.

Known Issues

This is still a baby, a zero version. For this reason issues are expected. But you can be sure that Backup Manager is already doing a good job! Before spending more time on this, I would appreciate feedback. If a something like this is needed... The communication of issues helps as a strong indicator for that... If you have an issue, let us know. Same thing goes for proposals and ideas.