Add --watch to less.js version of lessc binary #192

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It would help people migrating from the older ruby-based lessc to be able to use the lessc --watch command


I second that. A suboptimal workaround is to create an endless loop that compiles between a 2 second interval.

while true; do lessc foo.less foo.css; sleep 2; done

Sent a pull request. #194 will close this.


+1 for --watch on the command line.

It would make it easier to start using less with various CMS-es, where it's not so straightforward to use rel="stylesheet/less" and #!watch.

@cloudhead cloudhead closed this Jan 21, 2012

To those still looking for a solution to this, I highly recommend trying out Coyote

Coyote is a tool allowing you to watch source files for Coffescript, SASS, or LESS and then compile them on the fly. Example: coyote -w input.less:output.css



Coyote did not work, fails with errors.

I found this decision frustrating. But thanks for making open source software.


It does work, you just needed to include the watch command.

$ coyote -w styles.less:styles.css



Also, just an FYI.

The LESS capability of coyote is not officially documented or supported at this time. That said, it's a great solution for people in this thread. Just use it knowing it's not ironed out fully at this time.

Official support and documentation is coming in the future.

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for those who want a general file/folder notifier
try watchdog (python)

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