Displays relative date alongside with your post/comments actual date. Like 'Today', 'Yesterday', '2 Days Ago', '2 Weeks Ago', '2 'Seconds Ago', '2 Minutes Ago', '2 Hours Ago'.
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Contributors: GamerZ
Donate link: http://lesterchan.net/site/donation/
Tags: date, relative, relativedate, days, ago, weeks, since, hours, seconds, minutes, today, yesterday
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: trunk

Displays relative date alongside with your post/comments actual date.


Like 'Today', 'Yesterday', '2 Days Ago', '2 Weeks Ago', '2 'Seconds Ago', '2 Minutes Ago', '2 Hours Ago'.

General Usage

You need not do anything. WP-RelativeDate will automatically modify your post/comment date or time display. No text will be added if the post or comment is more than a month old.

It will add the following text accordingly:

  • Post/Comment Date
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • X days ago
  • X weeks ago
  • Post/Comment Time
  • X seconds ago
  • X minutes ago
  • X hours ago


  • Post/Comment Date
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • 10th January 2007 (2 days ago)
  • 25th January 2007 (2 weeks ago)
  • Post/Comment Time
  • 21:10 (2 seconds ago)
  • 21:15 (5 minutes ago)
  • 22:15 (2 hours ago)


  • [relativedate]
  • [relativedate date_format="jS F Y" ago_only="false"]
  • [relativetime]
  • [relativetime time_format="H:i" ago_only="false"]

Build Status

Build Status







I spent most of my free time creating, updating, maintaining and supporting these plugins, if you really love my plugins and could spare me a couple of bucks, I will really appreciate it. If not feel free to use it without any obligations.


Version 1.51

  • NEW: Add in [relativedate] and [relativetime] shortcode.

Version 1.50 (01-06-2009)

  • NEW: Use _n() Instead Of __ngettext() And _n_noop() Instead Of __ngettext_noop()

Version 1.40 (12-12-2008)

  • FIXED: Pass In Default Values For $d, $before And $after In relative_post_date()

Version 1.31 (16-07-2008)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.6
  • NEW: Better Translation Using __ngetext() by Anna Ozeritskaya

Version 1.30 (01-06-2008)

  • NEW: Uses /wp-relativedate/ Folder Instead Of /relativedate/
  • NEW: Uses wp-relativedate.php Instead Of relativedate.php

Version 1.20 (01-10-2007)

  • New: relative_post_the_date(); Alternative To WordPress the_date()

Version 1.11 (01-06-2007)

  • FIXED: Post Of The Same Date But Different Year Still Will Not Display Relative Date

Version 1.10 (01-02-2007)

  • NEW: Works For WordPress 2.1 Only
  • NEW: Localization WP-RelativeDate

Version 1.00 (01-03-2006)

  • NEW: Initial Release

Upgrade Notice



  1. Post - Today
  2. Post - Yesterday
  3. Post - Days Ago
  4. Post - Weeks Ago
  5. Comment - Seconds Ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Display Relative Date in every posts

  • If you want to display Relative Date in every posts, use relative_post_the_date() instead of the_date() in your theme.