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"console" / kmscon - like window manager
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This is a simple 'console' like window manager intended to show just how easy it can be to define a window manager of your own in the Arcan ecosystem.

The git history is arranged as a 'step by step' demonstration where each commit adds some notable feature. Check the Arcan blog @ for a write-up that explains the steps in further detail.


Follow the normal setup / install instructions for arcan, and run with:

arcan /path/to/console_wm/console

The default keyboard modifier for WM controlled keybindings is 'right shift' and the F1..Fn keys switches workspaces. If there is no workspace in that slow previously, a terminal gets spawned into it. Other keybindings are:

modifier+V : clipboard paste
modifier+DELETE : destroy current workspace
modifier+SYSREQ : force-reset the WM
modifier+M : toggle client audio


The arcan_db tool can be used to set additional configuration options:

arcan_db add_appl_kv console key value

The accepted keys are:

keymap (default = devmaps/keyboard/default.lua)
connection_point (default = console)
terminal (extra terminal arguments, see ARCAN_ARG=help afsrv_terminal)
font_size (preferred font size in PT)
terminal_font (preferred terminal font, searched in ARCAN_FONTPATH env)
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