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Nutrition label generation for Rails 3.1 using the asset pipeline.


  1. If using bundler, add to your Gemfile and run bundle install:

    gem nutrition_label_plugin
  2. Otherwise run 'gem install nutrition_label_plugin'

  3. To add the CSS file to your load path, add to your app's application.css file:

    *= require nutrition_label_plugin

Feature list

Currently, there is a single method available that accepts a hash of all optional parameters.


The method returns html output, which you can use in your views to show these awesome nutrition fact labels.

create_base_label arguments

create_base_label takes a number of optional arguments in the form of a hash:

  • :name => “string”

  • :yield => float, in grams

  • :servings => float, # of servings

  • :calories => float, # of calories

  • :fat => float, in grams

  • :saturated_fat => float, in grams

  • :trans_fat => float, in grams

  • :cholesterol => float, in milligrams

  • :sodium => float, in milligrams

  • :carbohydrate => float, in grams

  • :fiber => float, in grams

  • :sugar => float, in grams

  • :vitamin_C => float, in milligrams

  • :vitamin_A => float, in IU (international units)

  • :Iron => float, in milligrams

  • :calcium => float, in milligrams

Planned features

  • Automatic rounding according to USDA conventions

  • Additional optional nutrients

  • Additional output formats

  • If you have ideas for features, let me know and I'll see what I can do!


If you have any feedback or want to add methods other than the basic nutrition label, feel free to fork and send a pull request.

This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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