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COMP3750 Project: Tracking Viral Youtube Videos
Supervisor: Dr Lexing Xie

Implementation: David Hehir, 2011 Semester 2

Please cite this paper if you use or build upon this code:

Visual Memes in Social Media: Tracking Real-world News in YouTube Videos (2011)
Lexing Xie, Apostol Natsev, Matthew Hill, John Kender, John R Smith 
ACM Multimedia 2011, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, Nov 2011

Please see "./documentation/Install Guide.txt" for installation instructions. 

Compilation notes on ubuntu / mac os x

need the following open-source packages:
OpenCV 2.4.2
Boost 1.50

== ColorCorrelogram 
install opencv
install libjansson-dev
follow this to configure Eclipse CDT project

(not on mac os w. macports the library path may be /opt/loca/lib)

include the three core opencv libs (opencv_core opencv_imgproc opencv_highgui)

== FeatuerMatcher -- 
add boost root dir to include path

include the three core opencv libs (opencv_core opencv_imgproc opencv_highgui)
also include opencv_features2d opencv_flann for the linker