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Travis CI Release Erlang Documentation MIT License

Like Codox for LFE. Check out the self-generated documentation.

Requires Erlang 16B03-1 or >= 17.5 and pandoc.


First, make sure you have the lfe-compile plugin as a dependency in your project's rebar.config:

{plugins, [
  {'lfe-compile', "0.6.0", {pkg, rebar3_lfe_compile}}

Then in your project's rebar.config, include the provider post-hook:

{provider_hooks, [{post, [{compile, {lfe, compile}}]}]}

Finally, add Lodox to your project_plugins list.

{project_plugins, [
  {lodox, {git, "git://", {tag, "0.16.2"}}}


In order for Lodox to work, your project must first be compiled:

rebar3 compile

Then, to invoke Lodox, simply run:

rebar3 lfe lodox

Alternatively, you can do both at once:

rebar3 do compile, lfe lodox

If all goes well, the output will look something like:

Generated lodox vX.Y.Z docs in /path/to/lodox/docs

And, as promised, generated documentation will be in the docs/ (or {'output-path', "path/to/docs"}) subdirectory of your project.

API Documentation

For more information on how to use Lodox, see the API documentation, especially the the Topics section.


Lodox is licensed under the MIT License.

Significant code and inspiration from Codox. Copyright © 2015 James Revees

Codox is distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.