How To Contribute

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Creating a new artifact

This page will tell you how to contribute by registering free pre-sets, libraries, samples, patches, etc... Even if you don't have things you'd like to share yourself, there are a lot of different free resources already available on the web. One of the best ways you can help is to find them and follow the advice in the Creating a new artifact page to register them. If you need a list of files to start with check the 'Potential Artifacts' card on the issue board .


This page has tips for developers wanting to contribute code. Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript. There's a list of issues on github and a more informal one on this board.


You can donate to help with the project's hosting costs and to accelerate the development of new features.


How to translate the application to your own language

Reporting a problem

On a hosted file

Each file has a comment section and problems or additional information can be posted there.

On the application itself

Bugs, feature requests, documentation enhancements and almost anything related to development goes on the github issues page