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A Slack Community Ancillary (1 Inu)
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Slack Helper App

A user interface for the Metapolis Slack Helper API, providing file hosting and posting to slacks as well as utility functions for managing Slack communities.

The main instance is available at


  • File Management
    • upload for off-slack hosting
    • listing of files
    • view page for uploaded files, including openGraph tags so slack displays linked files nicely.
  • Image purging from slack-based hosting


This application is a next.js application. The entry points are the pages in the pages/ directory. As in all next.js apps, they are React components with a getInitialProps static method to do any data fetching to do initial rendering. There should be no secret keys used in this application as the state is fully shared with the end user.

There is a configuration file to tell the application its own URL (for constructing self-referntial URLs for OAuth2 use) and the URL of the API endpoint that serves it.

Run this thing locally

Clone the repository, cd into it, and npm install

copy /config.js.example to /config.js, and update the api and self values. if you're just looking to contribute to the main instance at, you can simply change the values to:

  api: '',
  self: 'http://localhost:3000/auth'
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