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The Azure Kubernetes Service Checklist

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The deployed version can be found here: AKS Checklist

The AKS Checklist is a (tentatively) exhaustive list of all elements you need to think of when preparing a cluster for production. It is based on all common best practices agreed around Kubernetes or documented here.

Another good reading in another format is the AKS baseline reference architecture


Louis-Guillaume MORAND


Fernando Mejía

Michael Withrow

Tommy Falgout

How to contribute

Fork the repo, add the best practices in the items.json file (at least in English which will remain the single source of trust) and then do a pull request on the staging branch ;-)

Be aware that we want to keep a list as exhaustive as possible but also a list that met common usage. Depending on your context, you may have custom best practices that may apply only to your case.


The source code itself is a modified version of the Front-End Checklist which was created by David Dias Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


License: MPL 2.0