Simple script for making Chrome-based SSBs (site specific browsers)
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2015-08-19 UPDATE: Mac users may want to check out Epichrome or MacPin for an actively developed SSBs on OS X. I am also beginning work on a pyssb, a PyQT5-based SSB project (focused for my personal use on Arch Linux, but it could be cross-platform if anyone wanted to contribute). I'm happy to merge any updates, but otherwise, consider this project deprecated.

Simple script for making Chrome SSBs on OS X

This is an update of Bracken King's original script published in this 2010 article.

I've updated it a bit to work better:

  • Allow spaces in all variables
  • Properly Trim spaces for easy drag and dropping of icon paths
  • Properly look for Chrome location in /Applications (it uses the first one it finds)
  • Make the new App wherever it's called from
  • Your Profile is placed in the correct location (in the Bundle) no matter where you move the app


  • Place in your path or somewhere convenient to call from
  • Run wherever you want
  • You can also move the created app anywhere you want without issues

Note: Finder may not pick up the icon (shows up as invisible) if you have the creation target folder active/open. You can make it show up by moving the App to a different folder. If you know a workaround, please send a pull request...


  • This script now makes a copy of the 'Google Chrome' launcher executable stub at application start (it is pretty small, about 13KB) instead of symlinking to solve 10.9 compatibility issues (see #22). The executable points to a specific version of the Google Chrome Framework (../Versions/[VERSION]/Google Chrome Framework.framework/Google Chrome Framework).
  • Copying the launcher executable instead of symlinking will break OS X Gatekeeper's code signing. This shouldn't normally be a problem, but is discussed in depth in Issue #23



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