Tool for navigating codebase type ontologies (parser for Go, frontend in React)
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PageRank AST

Some 4K lines of code so far...

generated AST graph - 20 Nov 2017

WIP implementation of PageRank on the Abstract Syntax Trees of Go source code.

  • parse and 'link' Go source
  • walk AST and extract relationships between nodes (subject to design experimentation)
  • build a new graph from this
  • run PageRank on this graph
  • convert the graph to .dot GRAPHVIZ format, with node sizes normalised according to their importance
  • visualise in browser

Use cases

  • what are the methods of this type. you could generate the godoc and then scroll through. or you could save 2nanoseconds and have the methods ranked according to how they operate on the struct. eg adding an edge will produce more of an impact than calculating the number of edges.


  • ./ to generate .dot graph file.
  • cd www && npm run start to view the graph.
  • Bonus: tool for quickly getting details on the AST representation of source code