A simple, fast, light-weight 2D graphics library for PSP.
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* Introduction *

gLib2D by Geecko - A simple, fast, light-weight 2D graphics library.
This library has been designed to replace the old graphics.c library
and to simplify the use of pspgu.
The goals : keep it simple, keep it small, keep it fast.

* Known limitations *

- Draw & display buffers can't actually be used as real textures. Just a way
  to get the vram pointer.
- No support for multiples contexts (e.g. sharing coordinates between
  textures using some g2dBegin calls at a time).
- Manipulating textures (clear, get pixel info...) is not possible.
- When some 512*512 rotated, colorized and scaled textures are rendered
  at a time, the framerate *could* go under 60 fps.

* Installation *

- Simply put glib2d.c and glib2d.h in your source directory.
- Then add glib2d.o and link "-lpng -ljpeg -lz -lpspgu -lm -lpspvram"
  in your Makefile.
- You're done !

* License *

This work is licensed under the LGPLv3 License.
See the LICENSE file for more details.
You can support the library by marking your homebrew with
"Using gLib2D by Geecko".

* Contact *

Please report bugs or submit ideas at :

Get the full documentation on :

Also stay tuned on...
https://github.com/GeeckoDev (contributors would be a plus!)