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Releases: libertyernie/tgbdual_L

TGB Dual "L" 1.2

11 Oct 22:39
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This is my version of TGB Dual, which includes the features of TGB Dual Kai and adds some new ones.

  • All dialogs/menus (except for the debugging features) have been translated
    to English at the source code level ("english" branch in git.)
  • TGB Dual can now load ROMs built with Goomba and Goomba Color (GB emulators
    for the GBA), and can read and write to those emulators' save files. This
    is helpful if you want to share your save data between PC and GBA, because
    the ROMs run faster in a GB emulator than they would in a GBA emulator
    trying to run Goomba. (Also, you can use link cable emulation for games
    like Pokémon.) See goomba.txt for more information.
  • Supported file extensions added: .gba (for Goomba/Goomba Color) and .sgb.
  • Along with the ROM and SRAM folders, users can now specify the SRAM file
    extensions used for Slot1 and Slot2 (the defaults are still .sav and .sa2.)
  • The options for showing the FPS meter are now Off, Slot1, Slot2, and Both.
  • A new "mirror mode" flips the entire display horizontally and also swaps
    the inputs for the left and right directions on the D-pad. It can be
    turned on through Options > Display > Mirror Mode.

The .zip file includes both Japanese and English versions; the Japanese version omits the translations (using the original TGB Dual text strings, except for my new features) and is built from the Git tag "v1.2_jp".